CVE-2005-1032 - Free hearted Float


REJECT cart.php in LiteCommerce might allow remote attackers to obtain sensitive information via invalid (1) category_id or (2) product_id parameters. NOTE: this issue was originally claimed to be due to SQL injection but the original researcher is known to be frequently inaccurate with respect to bug type and severity. The vendor has disputed this issue saying \These reports are credited to malicious person we refused to hire. We have not taken legal action against him only because he is located in India. The vulnerabilites reported can not be reproduced hence information you provide is contrary to fact.\ Further investigation by CVE personnel shows that an invalid SQL syntax error could be generated but it only reveals portions of underlying database structure which is already available in documentation from the vendor and it does not appear to lead to path disclosure. Therefore this issue is not a vulnerability or an exposure and it probably should be REJECTED.